anb Tawtheeq is a new service provided by anb to increase the security while using anb electronic banking channels.

It enables the customer to get Login, Transaction Authentication and Beneficiary Activation codes

directly through an application installed on his/her mobile without the need to wait for an SMS.

Service Benefits
  1. Instant Beneficiary Activation without the need for Phone Banking.
  2. Doesn’t require internet connection in the mobile.
  3. Doesn’t require a SIM card in the mobile (no need for telecom operator).
  4. Works inside and outside the kingdom.
  5. No dependency on SMS.
  6. Getting authentication codes faster.
Registration steps
Login to anb NET service
Go to "anb Tawtheeq" menu.
Click on "Registration".
After 24 hours you will receive an SMS confirming your registration then proceed with the below steps.
Login to ANB net, Go to "anb Tawtheeq" menu.
Open the application and activate it by one of the following methods:
Using Serial Number, Activation Code and registration Number which appear on the screen or by using QR Code, scan the QR code displayed on the screen.
Input a pin code to protect the application.
  • For already registered customers, who have re-installed the application or installed it in another device, login to anb net and scan the QR code displayed in "anb Tawtheeq Service" menu or input the details manually (Serial Number, Activation Code and Registration Code).