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Yearly Fees 230 SAR
Credit card purchase rate (APR) 31.78%
International purchase rate 3.10%
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It is a card linked to a current account for POS, Online, and ATM.

The daily purchase limit at POS is SAR 20,000, and you can increase or decrease the limit through the bank's e-channels.

You must immediately inform the bank through its electronic channels or phone banking.

For all customers segments:
Inside the Kingdom: 8001244040
Outside the Kingdom: +966112127555

For platinum and gold customers :
Inside the Kingdom: 8001240088
Outside the Kingdom: +966112119888

Yes, all Mada cards cover Atheer service and can be used at POS without PIN for cumulative daily purchases of up to SAR 300.

Yes, all cards can be used worldwide, except if a particular country is banned.