Customers Guide on Combating Fraud
Latest update: Mar 3, 2024

Dear Customers,

Based on our duty to protect you from the risk of being exposed to fraud, we present this awareness message with aiming to raise the culture of “anti-fraud.” Here are some guidelines that aim at raising your awareness of fraud to be able to know, detect and avoid its practices.

anb Official Applications:
Ensure that you use a reliable source to download the Bank's application



Combat Fraud by Protecting your Password:

•    Beware of sharing your Bank Card password with anyone.
•    Avoid writing down or typing your password or keeping it anywhere.
•    Avoid using the same password for all your bank cards.
•    Avoid unifying your Bank Card password with your Phone-Bank password.
•    Avoid choosing easy-to-guess passwords, such as those consisting of similar or consecutive numbers or numbers related to you birth date.

Combat Fraud via One-Time Password (OTP) Verification Code:

•    Do not respond to any phone call asking you to share your OTP number and end the call immediately.
•    When you receive a confirmation notification of a transfer or any specific transaction by the bank via text messages, ensure that the information of the transaction that has been performed is correct, such as (amount of transaction, the beneficiary’s name, time of the transfer).
•    Ensure that Bank Staff or any trusted Authority will never ask for your OTP code, this is Only for You!

Combat Fraud by Protecting your Bank Card:

•    Do not allow anyone to use your bank card.
•    Be careful don’t leave your wallet anywhere, to prevent stealing your bank card or using it without your knowledge.
•    Set limits on the amounts of your purchases, this will help to reduce loss caused by fraud- in the event of exposing - by calling the toll-free number 8001244040 or by visiting the bank branch.
•    If your bank card has been stolen or if it is lost, inform the bank immediately via the number provided for reports on the back of the card in order to be stopped, or visit one of the anb branches.

Combat Fraud via ATM:

•    Ensure retrieving your bank card after completing any financial transaction. 
•    Always protect ATM screen when using it to avoid any snooping on your password. 
•    If your bank card is held inside the ATM, contact the bank immediately before you leave to have the card cancelled.

Combat Fraud by E-Phishing:

•    Do not reply to any e-mail before verifying the identity of the sender.
•    Always check the reliability of the website or service provider before entering any personal or financial information.
•    Enhance the protection of your personal online accounts by adding the biometric verification feature.
•    Always check domain names in e-links and ensure that they do not contain spelling errors or symbols.

General Tips and Guidelines:

•    Activate the notification services provided by the Bank to be alert you of your account transactions.
•    Be aware of fake offers that appears in social media and check its legitimacy by calling or visiting the Office.
•    Be sure that Bank staff will never ask you to update your information via phone or link.
•    End the call immediately if the caller requests your banking information.
•    Be aware that using your bank account for illegal actions will expose you to legal accountability.
•    Ensure that the details in the text messages received from the bank matches you performed transactions.
•    Review all receipts of transactions you make against the account statement to ensure they are accurate.
•    Report to the bank immediately if you have noticed that there is any transaction or money transfer undertaken in your account that you have not personally made. 
•    Report to the bank immediately in case you have received a text message stating an activation / deactivation of one of the eservices of your account unless you have been done it personally.
•    If you are exposed to any fraud, report it immediately by calling the dedicated toll-free number (8001160060). In addition, report the law enforcement agency by going to the nearest police station.

General Tips during your Travel:

to ensure that you spend a safe vacation, please find below tips:

•    Do not leave your Bank Cards in the checked-in baggage’s. 
•    Always keep the transaction receipts and make sure of your withdrawal’s information. 
•    Always ensure that you have your Bank Card with you and avoid leaving it anywhere.
•    Keep the international fraud reporting number for the Arab National Bank (+966 11 2718611)