Automatic Savings Program from anb

With Automatic Savings Program, customers of the bank can use anb Mobile to design their savings plan of choice from the “Automate Savings” feature

anb Feature at a Glance

No fees, no hassle. Transfer your money from your credit card to your account with no fees

Shariah Compliant

Unlimited transactions on Digital channels

Customizable savings plan

Update your account online at your convenience without visiting the branch.

Open account in SAR or International currencies

Saving account for you and your children
Alghad Almubarak Account

No minimum balance required to open account.

Instant access to account through mada card

Profit based on monthly average and credited every 6 months

Alghad Almubarak Children's Account

Account in Child’s name 

No minimum balance required for earning profit.

Easily schedule amount transfer to child’s saving account


Waed Saving Plan
Waed Designed to provide a convenient saving plan to help you achieve your financial goals. The monthly savings would result in a lump sum amount along with the accumulated profit at the maturity date
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Online Account Opening Terms & Conditions:
  • In order to open a savings account via anb mobile, the customer must first open a current account.
  • Minors under the 14 age can open accounts as follows:The current account must be opened in the name of the guardian, and then they open a sub-account for the minor.
  • For 15-17 years old individuals:They must obtain the consent of the guardian to open the account.
  • For 18-23 year old individuals:They can open an account online directly (required: national number, national address, and Absher)
  • anb terms & conditions apply. 
Extra Features.. Seamless Banking Experience
Youth account
anb Banking Solutions
Bill Payments

24/7 payment services via the anb app, or through E-channels and our branches.

Shariah compliant

anb products are Shariah compliant for peace of mind

Digital Cards

Apply & Issue your digital card effortlessly through anb Mobile.

Multiple Payment Options

Apple Pay, Mada Pay, in-store or online

Spend to Save More

Earn points for online and in-store purchases and exchange them for cash back or vouchers.

Your online anb account is three steps away
Our website and fill out the form.
Download our app and request a Mada or digital card
Sign up
Automatically on our digital channels to start your banking journey
Frequently asked questions

Go to anb’s official page

Click on the anb Net link

Click on Register

Insert the required information (account number, ID number, ATM card number, ATM card password)

Complete the required steps to confirm your registration

Get it via:

anb Net, anb app, or anb phone


Bank branches

Account statement

You can get the card from any anb branch or via digital branches.

To activate the card, simply insert it into a point of sale or an ATM.

You can change it through the ATM.

You can change it through the anb phone or the anb Mobile.

Call anb at 800-124-4040 to report your lost or stolen card.