SME Credit Card


Loaded with a suit of benefits, solutions and services, the business credit card is specifically designed to meet needs of SMEs in order to assist businesses and entrepreneurs in the management of their day to day expenses and purchases.


Yes, all anb cards are Sharia complaint.

Yes you can create an access for employees at Visa inetlillink spend management

Yes, you can give different permissions for your employees using admin access at Visa inetlillink spend management

You can activate your card through the bank electronic channels or by calling 8001244040

You can view and retrieve the transactions via Visa inetlillink

You can view and retrieve the monthly statement via Visa inetlillink

You can use anb credit cards at Point of Sales, Websites and ATMs inside or outside the Kingdom.

You can settle the credit card payments conveniently through anb phone banking, anb ATMs, and anb branches.

Currently there is no fee.

Yes, through the bank electronic channels.

The cash limit is 30% of the total credit limit.

Whether you are inside or outside KSA, call immediately 8001244040/ +966112127555 to report the loss or theft of your missing card.