U Account at a glance

Save more with wide range of merchant discounts

Manage account through Mobile

Customized savings plans, whether fixed, based on transactions or flexible.

Extra Features.. Seamless Banking Experience
Youth account
Why anb Program?
Make Payments

Transfer money, pay bills and settle government payments

Shariah compliant

anb products are Shariah compliant for peace of mind

Digital card

Request a digital card instantly to be used securely in stores and online.

Ways to pay

Apple Pay, Mada Pay, in-store or online

Merchant discounts

Benefit from the large number of merchants offering exclusive discounts

How to join?
For 18-23 year old individuals, they can open account online (needed: National ID, National address & Absher)
For 15-17 years old individuals, they need guardian approval to open account.
Your online anb account is three steps away
Our website and fill out the form.
Download our app and request a Mada or digital card
Sign up
Automatically on our digital channels to start your banking journey
Frequently asked questions
  • Go to anb’s official page
  • Click on the anb Net link
  • Click on Register
  • Insert the required information (account number, ID number, ATM card number, ATM card password)
  • Complete the required steps to confirm your registration

Get it via:

  • anb Net, anb app, or anb phone
  • ATM
  • Bank branches
  • Account statement

You can get the card from any anb branch or via digital branches.

To activate the card, simply insert it into a point of sale or an ATM.

You can change it through the ATM.

You can change it through the anb phone or the anb Mobile.

Call anb at 800-124-4040 to report your lost or stolen card.

Always Protect Your Pin
Do not disclose your PIN to anyone, even to an anb staff as well as when purchasing through website.
Cover your hand when you enter your PIN on ATM and POS terminals.
Sign on the back of the card with a ballpoint pen
Use your current PIN if this is a renewed card.
Your card will be activated automatically when you first use it on an ATM or POS.
Purchase & withdrawal transactions outside the kingdom are subject to international fees.
Terms and conditions apply.
The bank periodically reviews program membership to validate eligibility against program approved criteria. In the event the customer fails to satisfy the set criteria, his/her account classification will be downgraded.
The Bank is exempted from disclosing to the cardholder any changes to the terms of the agreement relating to information about the services and optional benefits associated with the credit card agreement.