About Kafalah:

“Small & Medium Enterprises Loan Guarantee Program (Kafalah) is a governmental program affiliated to the Small and Medium Enterprise Bank, one of the subsidiaries under the National Development Fund, which was established by Cabinet Resolution No 376, dated 04/07/1442 AH”.

Kafalah aims to support the financing of small and medium enterprises in cooperation with (the name of the bank or financing entity) by providing financial guarantees to enhance the opportunity for small and medium enterprises to obtain the necessary financing, supported by our knowledge bases to help them develop and expand their activities. Kafalah provides financing guarantees ranging from 2.5 million riyals to 15 million riyals.



Kafalah’s tasks:

The program guarantees all types of credit facilities provided by (the name of the bank or financing entity) to support the financing of small and medium enterprises sector

Target Audience:

The program supports all sectors in the Kingdom such as: education, tourism, entertainment, culture, technology, medical services, e-commerce, industry, contracting services, transportation and telecommunications, and related services.

Submission mechanis
  1. The facility applies for financing to (name of the bank or financing entity)
  2. (name of the bank or the financing entity) studies the facility’s request for financing, and in the event of a need for guarantees to cover risks, the application is transferred to Kafalah
  3. Kafalah studies the submitted application, and in the event of approval, the financing guarantee is issued
  4. The financing guarantee is issued to (name of the bank or financing entity).
Activities that are not guaranteed by Kafalah:

The program guarantees all economic activities except for the following: -

  • Activities that are not considered within the scope of the definition of small and medium enterprises.
  • Financial or real estate speculation in addition to financing projects.
  • Personal and real estate loans.



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