Terms and conditions: 
  • The offer will allow the customer to convert purchases transactions to easy installment of 12 months with 0% interest and no extra charges for domestic and cross border transactions through POS and e-commerce.
  • the maximum number of active installment should be 4 active plans.
  • Minimum transaction amount to convert to EPP is SAR 1,000 per transaction.
  • Maximum amount to convert to EPP is SAR100,000 per transaction.
  • the offer is valid from 2 July to 31 July 2024.
  • incase customer didn’t make the monthly payment within payment due date, the installment plan will be cancelled directly.
  • wallets top up and SADAD and financial transactions are excluded from installment program.
  • ANB has the right to cancel the installment plan if one of the conditions were not fulfilled.
  • you can take advantage of the installment program through ANB mobile app and through calling 8001244040 before two days of statement date.

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