Mada Atheer Service

anb cardholders can use the fast, secure and flexible Atheer service that allows them to pay for their POS purchases thru the NFC feature simply by waving the card in front of the POS terminal. Cardholders may be prompted to enter their PIN occasionally for extra security.

Cardholders of anb cards that are Atheer-enabled can benefit from the service subject to the following rules:
  • Cardholder is not required to enter their PIN for purchase transactions done through Atheer for amounts up to SR 300.
  • When total cumulative amount of Atheer transactions exceeds SR 300, the cardholder will be prompted to insert the card & enter his PIN. This is required for extra security and to reset Atheer values for service reuse.
Advantages of Atheer service for merchants and anb cardholders:

For anb cardholder:

Completion of low value purchase transactions in a fast, secure and flexible manner.

For merchants:

  • Swift processing of purchase transactions.
  • Reduction of store cash inventories.
  • Reduction of cash pickup and deposit charges to the merchant.
  • Reduced need to maintain a stock of small denomination notes.
  • Motivate customers to purchase once again from the store due to service flexibility.