Now you can invite your friends or family to join anb Affluent program and get 500,000 points from anb rewards for you and candidate

Campaign details:

• Existing customers will receive incentive points when they nominate a new Affluent customers, they will be given 100K points for every eligible customer
• Affluent customers will receive incentive points when they comply with the Affluent program criteria and campaign conditions as well, Note that customer will also receive welcoming points when they joined Affluent banking programs. Below table shows the slaps of 3 months average balance along with the Rewards points criteria, Terms & conditions applied.  

  Average balance for 3 months    Rewards Points
From 100,000 SAR to 200,000 SAR New customer will get 100,000 Points
From 200,000 SAR to 300,000 SAR  New customer will get 200,000 Points
From 300,000 SAR to 400,000 SAR New customer will get 300,000 Points
From 400,000 SAR to 500,000 SAR New customer will get 400,000 Points
More than 500,000 SAR  New customer will get 500,000 Points

Terms & Conditions:

• New customer should comply with the terms and conditions of Affluent banking programs in wealth criteria only.
• Customers should register in anb rewards program to benefit from the reward points. 
• The account must be new and opened since 1 Nov 2023, and the deposited balance must not be transferred from accounts within the bank.
• Customers will be able to benefit from their points through anb rewards program only.
• Reward points are awarded to current accounts only.
• Customers will be awarded after 90 days from the date of account opening and depositing.
• The average account for three months should not be less than 100,000 SAR .
• The maximum reward that an existing customer can get is 500,000 reward points.

Campaign duration:

Starting from 1-11-2023 to 31-07-2024