Personal Loan Offer

50,000  welcome points and 50% waive on management fees when getting a personal loan via anb new app

Terms and conditions: 

•    This offer valid from Nov 1st   until 30th Nov, 2023.   
•    This offer is applicable only for the new loan and not for other types.
•    Personal finance amount must be above 50K 
•    To be entitled for the offer personal finance should be obtained only through anb mobile app and not from any other channels 
•    The customer must be 18 years or older.
•    This is applicable only for anb customers and not for staffs
•    50,000 reward points for all customers who apply for this offer.
•    50 % waived off management fees for all customers who apply for new loan and top-up 
•    To be entitled for this offer loan request must be after Nafith stage during the offer period.
•    anb terms and conditions apply.