Development and Belonging

Our Social Responsibility:
arab national bank (anb) realizes that we owe a duty towards our society, our country, and its people. This responsibility is at the heart of our mission and is a fundamental pillar of our role in the economy. Through its actions, the Bank seeks to fulfil its responsibility to society, contribute to achieving the nation’s sustainable development goals and empower the country’s citizens through a series of initiatives and programs. The ultimate goal is to achieve a better tomorrow for our people; to create the conditions for advancement and progress for all; and to help shape a country that will inspire and motivate everyone.

Our Vision:
To be a pioneer in sustainable development and social responsibility in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and beyond.

Our Message:
Adopting an integrated framework of qualitative community focused initiatives and programs that positively impact our society and contribute to the comprehensive national development and support the Saudi Vision 2030 objectives.

Since the beginning of our operations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia over four decades ago, arab national bank has sought to build a relationship with society that goes beyond a typical financial institution. We have striven to touch the lives of society through our developmental work. 
The Bank's understanding of and approach to "social responsibility" has undergone continuous development over the past years as we have sought to keep pace with the societal changes that the Kingdom is witnessing. This transformation has helped the Bank become an effective supporter of important societal issues, and we have sought to become an institution that puts the community at the center of all that we do over the long-term. Our social responsibility strategy and vision are based on international best practices and standards, and they are designed to support the Kingdom’s national developmental goals as set out by Saudi Vision 2030.
While we have achieved much for local communities and society as a whole through our various initiatives and programs, our ambition to support society is endless. As a leading provider of banking and financial services across the Kingdom, we aspire to pioneer a model of community work that fulfills our vision of serving society, meeting our social responsibility towards the public and the nation, and which reinforces our reputation as a leader in the financial services  sector.

Salah Bin Rashid Al-Rashed
Chairman of the Board


Social responsibility is a fundamental principle of how arab national bank operates, and therefore our approach is based on sustainable best practices that meet the highest professional standards for creating initiatives and programs that meet both the needs of local communities, as well as national development goals. In short, our approach seeks to generate a social impact that we can measure through contributing to the Kingdom’s overall strategic transformation. 
As part of this approach, arab national bank has made the concept of "empowerment" the basis for formulating all of our community initiatives. Empowerment underpins our sustainable model of social responsibility, which in turn leads to pioneering and effective community work and positive societal impact. All of this is supported by a number of principles which help ensure we maintain the highest quality, motivation and results. These include: 

1. Sustainability: We put our energy and resources to work to support both current and future generations, and contribute to the health, well-being and the environment of both local communities and wider society so that they may prosper over the long-term.

2. Evaluation and Measurement: In line with best practices, we evaluate all of the Bank’s community initiatives, programs and activities regularly to measure their impact.

3. Continuous Development: We work towards the long-term, and continuously develop our initiatives, programs and activities to further their impact, expand their reach, increase their value, and ultimately, improve their outcomes for those we seek to support.

4. Voluntary Participation: Employee volunteering is fundamental to the success of our initiatives, programs and activities, and we are always looking to engage our people to participate and volunteer. Volunteering contributes to fostering a supportive work environment as well as to building effective partnerships with charitable bodies, institutions and associations.    

5. Corporate Governance: Effective corporate governance, including robust policies, rules and practices,  ensure that social responsibility is embedded into the Bank’s strategy and operations and help us to maintain the highest levels of excellence in how our social responsibility programs are implemented. Just as importantly, the Bank’s corporate governance oversight helps align our approach to social responsibility with the Kingdom’s national development goals.

6. Innovation: We believe that innovation and creativity are key to developing and delivering initiatives that will have a tangible and direct impact on the lives of those we seek to support, as well as society in general.

1. We seek to develop and deploy initiatives that will contribute to the Bank playing an effective role in achieving the transformational goals of Saudi Vision 2030 for the future well-being of the Kingdom and its people.

2. We aim to build the reputation of the arab national bank as a pioneer for its community work, both nationally and regionally.

3. We strive to promote the concept of social responsibility as a fundamental pillar of business and encourage other companies to embed this into their own strategies and operations.

4. We work to spread awareness of the benefits of voluntary work, both among our own employees and society in general, to promote a sense of shared responsibility and ownership.

5. We encourage the growth of partnerships between the Bank and the charitable sector, with the aim of creating innovative programs and initiatives that will sustainably contribute to the country’s environmental and economic development. Such partnerships will highlight pioneering developmental work being done here in the Kingdom, both at home and abroad.

The Bank has defined a number of areas on which to focus its social responsibility efforts. These social responsibility focus areas have been chosen based on their importance to our society, our employees, and our other stakeholders. There are also areas which we believe will best serve the developmental and environmental needs of country in the short-, medium- and long-term as we look to invest in our country’s growth and well-being.
The Bank’s five strategic areas of focus for its social responsibility include: society, education, economy, the environment and the empowerment of youth and women. The Bank has adopted these areas of focus for a number of reasons: first, they are central to the goals of Saudi Vision 2030, and second, they align with 14 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals as set out by the United Nations.

1. Society
arab national bank has launched various initiatives that provide aid to numerous groups in our society for a variety of reasons and causes, including: health, sports and exercise, charitable donations and housing, volunteer work and donation drives, and anti-poverty campaigns.

Through these initiatives, the Bank seeks to improve the lives of specific communities and groups. They also underline our support for government-led societal campaigns that strive to improve the quality of life for the public and which aim to create a brighter future for all members of our society.

2. Education
Education is fundamental to human progress and the development of any society. Education is a primary area of focus for the Bank’s social responsibility strategy, and our work focuses on improving the quality and reach of the education available for specific groups in select subjects.

The Bank has pioneered various educational initiatives, all of which aim to make learning fun, innovative and impactful for different age groups. These initiatives include support for science and innovation-focused educational academies, the establishment of computer labs and classrooms for English-language teaching, the roll-out of learning programs to train up the next generation of business leaders, and programs that support financial awareness and encourage a culture of saving. Last but not least, we have a portfolio of internal training programs that are designed to encourage our employees to take up continuous learning and further our aspirations to be a leader in performance, productivity and workplace culture.

3. The Economy
Economic development is a cornerstone of Saudi Vision 2030, the national strategy which sets out a framework for investing in and unleashing strengths and capabilities of the Kingdom and its people. The goal is to support localization and improve  enterprise, create jobs for society, and transform local communities through economic development.  

To support Saudi Vision 2030’s economic goals, the Bank has formed several partnerships with governmental bodies to empower micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises; has financed various strategic transformation projects; and has provided funding for Saudi-based corporations and entrepreneurs.

4. The Environment 
Thanks to Saudi Vision 2030 and an approach to sustainable development that balances economic growth and preservation of the environment, our Kingdom’s society is enjoying a transformation in its quality of life. The country is creating more green spaces in its cities and is looking to realize the value of its natural environment sustainably. The Kingdom is taking a leading position on pushing for the collective action needed to address our energy and climate challenges through reducing carbon emissions, optimizing water usage, encouraging recycling and promoting environmentally friendly building standards. 

As part of its own efforts to protect the planet both for this and future generations, the bank is supporting national environmental programs through several environmentally-focused initiatives. These include the Saudi Green Initiative’s forestation project and a drive to reduce paper usage. The Bank is taking a lead through its own operations, by reducing waste, recycling mosque water, and expanding green spaces in the Bank’s branches and buildings. In addition, the Bank has worked to reduce its own ecological footprint by installing systems and technologies that minimize energy consumption. The Bank is also providing green financing for environmental projects through the provision of exclusive financial incentives and offers.

The Bank's employees have supported our environmental activities and programs, especially our tree planting initiatives.

5. Empowering Youth and Women
Statistics show that young people make up the majority of the Saudi public, and women represent half of the population. Empowering young people and providing them with opportunities is central to Saudi Vision 2030; they are facilitators of the change, progress and transformation that the country needs for its sustainable development.

In line with this national approach, anb supports various programs that seek to encourage and inspire the Kingdom’s youth and women to realize their potential for the betterment of the country’s economy, environment, and society.

The Bank has helped design training and development programs to upskill Saudi youths and it also offers young talent attractive employment opportunities. The Bank has increased the percentage of female employees in its workforce and has fast tracked female talents for leadership roles. Last but not least, the Bank backs projects that assist women who financially support their families to raise their income for a better quality of life.

Autism Center of Excellence
This is a joint community initiative between the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development and the Saudi Central Bank that is funded by the Saudi banking sector. arab national bank has played an active role in establishing a specialized regional center that helps those who are on the autism spectrum and their families to improve their quality of life through the provision of care, support and training.

Madac Academy
This is a one-of-a-kind learning initiative through which the Bank sponsored the creation of a smart laboratory at “Madac”, the Madinah International Academy. The lab is equipped with the latest and most advanced technical equipment and technologies, such as robots, artificial intelligence and augmented reality which are used as part of an advanced curriculum for over 1,000 boys and girls every year.

The “Growth and Stability” Initiative for Affordable Housing
This initiative is a partnership between the Bank, the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing, and the Ewa’a charitable association, which supports the provision of affordable housing. Over 100 affordable housing units are provided to the neediest families throughout the Kingdom over a period of five years, with twenty units being made available every year. 

“We Build Generations with our contributions” Initiative
A learning development initiative, the Bank sponsored the creation of computer and English-language labs for “Insan”, the Charity Committee for Orphans’ Care. The labs are used for teaching the children under the care of “Insan”, to help them learn technical and linguistic skills in a qualified educational environment.

 “I Am Able” Initiative
A nationwide health and well-being initiative, “I Am Able” was launched by the Bank on the occasion of the Kingdom's 92nd National Day, in partnership with Diriyah Hospital and the Rheumatism Association. Together, we undertook 92 surgeries to replace knee joints for rheumatic patients to improve their quality of life.

anb Green Initiative
anb employees volunteered to plant 12,000 seedlings in “Umm Al-Shuquq”. This initiative which was undertaken in two phases in support of the Saudi Green initiative, is part of the Bank’s efforts to increase the amount of vegetation cover throughout the Kingdom to combat desertification through rehabilitating arid land and greening the environment for the benefit of local communities.
“Preserving Wellness and Dignity” Initiative
A health and well-being initiative, in which the Bank partnered with the Saudi Parkinson's Patients Association in Riyadh to distribute multi-purpose electric chairs to a number of Parkinson's patients. The goal was to help them better their quality of life through helping to improve their mobility. 

As part of our belief in second chances for everyone in society, the Bank supports Furijat program and contributes to the repayment of debts owed by hundreds of detained people, resulting in their release back into the community.

Ehsan Platform
Our social responsibility includes funding charitable initiatives through direct donations. To meet this need, the Bank contributes to Saudi-based charities financially through the “Ehsan” platform. This assistance enables these charities to continue their work to develop and improve our society.
The Tuwaiq Program for Future Leaders
A learning initiative that is designed to empower Saudi youth and train the next generation of leaders, the Tuwaiq Program for Future Leaders was launched by the Bank in partnership with PwC Academy. The program encourages recently graduated Saudis to hone their personal and professional skills, so they are better prepared to secure high potential roles in the short term. Over the long term, the program’s goal is to develop the next generation of Saudi business leaders.

“Let Us Make Their Lives Better” initiative
An employee-led volunteer initiative that resulted in the restoration and maintenance of several homes for needy families in a number of Jeddah’s neighborhoods. This initiative, which was undertaken in partnership with Oyoun Jeddah Charity Association, sought to provide a better quality of life for families in need.

 “Warmth and Compassion” Caravan
  A volunteer-led charitable initiative, our employees partnered with the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development and the National Center for CSR to distribute winter clothing and supplies to over 300 needy families in various neighborhoods throughout the cities of Riyadh, Tabuk and Arar.

 “Zood Al-Ajyal” Savings Program
As part of effort to foster a culture of saving among Saudi youth, anb joined the Social Development Bank’s “Zood Al-Ajyal” Savings program. The program provided a number of financial tools and incentives to educate children and young people about the importance of financial planning and saving. The initiative is part of Saudi Vision 2030’s Financial Sector Development Program.
Initiatives to support small and medium-sized businesses
As part of our long-term contribution to promote and assist microenterprises, small and medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurship in general, the Bank signed a cooperation agreement worth SAR 1.1 billion with “Monsha’at, the Small and Medium Enterprises General Authority. This agreement included the launch of several new financial products and services covering areas such as point of sale, financing franchise agreements, and general support for pioneering entrepreneurial projects. 

Yamam Café
As part of efforts to empower local communities by giving them an opportunity to market and sell their homemade produce, the Bank launched “Yamam” Café in the lobby of its headquarters in Riyadh and a food market in the Bank’s cafeteria space.

 “The Wadi” Film
The film sought to help educate people about the autism, and how they can best support people with autism through tried and tested methods. “The Wadi” shone a light on autism and how families can help their loved ones with autism achieve their potential through improved communications and learning. 

Tuwaiq Hope Trail Race
As part of our initiative to support national sporting events, the Bank sponsored the Tuwaiq Hope Trail Race. Several of our employees took part in the race, and the Bank’s participation helped to promote a culture of running and fitness among the public, especially younger generations, as part of a wider push to help the Kingdom champion a healthier, fitter society.

  Hail International Rally
As part of our commitment to developing the Kingdom’s position as a preferred global destination for sporting events, the Bank sponsored the Hail International Rally. This aimed to both support the region’s economic and social development, its tourism potential and help build interest in motorsports amongst the Saudi public.