arab national bank anb opens a virtual HQ in the “Decentraland” to attract digital natives, empower financial journeys and enhance the payments ecosystem.

In pursuit of progress, arab national bank anb advances toward a sophisticated financial future, with innovation and technology being central to its vision for faster and simpler experiences. 

The bank announces its entry into the metaverse, providing its customers a unique experience in a three-dimensional environment. The metaverse, a virtual space with three dimensions, embodies a unique union of the physical and virtual realms, offering users an immersive experience in an advanced and innovative financial world.

The anb metaverse is built on the promise of experience and education for our customers. At the core of our virtual HQ is the ability to interact with knowledge and innovation upgrades across a variety of subjects and themes. Enter our second floor and view interactive education from world-leading experts in e-gaming, business innovation and Web3 topics. Once you’ve finished interacting with these advanced knowledge bases a visit to our top floor will allow you to watch live streams of events from across the world of entertainment, gaming to keep you updated on the latest trends.
Key features of this initiative include:

Exploring a unique environment that combines the real and three-dimensional virtual worlds. 

An enhanced interactive experience, rich in details and innovation in the metaverse.
Why did we choose the metaverse ?

At arab national bank anb, we believe in the importance of innovation and providing diverse experiences. Our entry into the metaverse reflects our commitment to offering modern technologies and unique experiences.
We wish you a beyond dimensions experience!