• Immediate online price indications.
  • Fast, efficient online trading
  • Online assistance with setting up your option strategies
  • Forward outright Forex purchases for hedging business risks or speculative investments.

Forward outrights

Forex forward outrights enable you to take advantage of the interest rate differentials between two currencies and to hedge foreign exchange exposure risks. By purchasing a currency for a future date at a fixed price using a forward outright, you can avoid risky exposure to unpredictable foreign exchange fluctuations.
Forward outrights are purchased online through our alarabi e Trader trading platform and the platform gives a strong price indication immediately for most trades.

Over the Counter (OTC) options

ANB supports plain vanilla, European style options, traded online through our alarabi e Trader trading platform. Exotic options are also available on request.

Online price indications

Alarabi e Trader gives a good indication of forward outrights and option prices from 1 week to 6 months — option dates outside this range, exotic options and multiple leg options are quoted on request.

Options Spreads and Conditions