To open an Al Arabi Electronic Trading Account you need to :
  • ( The Customer should have a current account with ANB ).
  • Get an agreement from any Arab National Bank Branches or Investment Centres in the kingdom.
  • Provide us with a copy of a valid personal ID Card or Iqama , and must be stamped as Original Copy from any of our branches.
  • Sign on page 17 in the the agreement.
  • Signature must be verified by any ANB branch or investment center.
  • Fill out the survey of alarabi e-trader

If the customer wishes to asign a power of attorney to operate the account, He/ She ( The Principal ) must sign page 18 and the signature must be verified from any ANB branch or investment centre as well as the (power of attorney). The valid ID Card or Iqama for the ( power of attorney ) must be attached and stamped as original copy.

  • Customer is kindly requested to return the singed agreement and the original copy of the ID Card to any ANB branch or investment centre or directly mail it to the following address :

    Arab National Bank
    Head Office
    Treasury Department
    P.O.Box 56921
    Riyadh 11564

As soon as your documents are received, the bank will process your application and advise you accordingly.