Travel Guard FAQ

What is Travel Guard?

Travel Guard is an international travel insurance product that is offered by ANB Insurance in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Who can buy Travel Guard?

Any traveler from 3 months to up to 69 years of age can be covered under the Platinum and Gold Plans. Travelers between the ages of 70-75 years can be covered only under the Silver plan by paying twice the standard premium.

What is the coverage period for my Travel Guard travel insurance?

Travel Guard covers you starting from the date of your departure and ends on the date of your return.

What do I do if I have an emergency or an accident abroad?

The 24 hour emergency assistance services can be contacted internationally through the contact no 001 (713) 267 2525. It is very important that you call this number provided by ANB Insurance as detailed in your policy before taking any action so that our staff can guide you about the next steps.

For any outpatient treatment, please retain all original receipts and claim them upon your return back to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Can I change my Travel Guard policy?

Yes, the Travel Guard insurance policy can be changed in special cases, with prior approval of the policy underwriters (ANB Insurance). Such changes can only be made before the departure of the first part of the journey. As an example, if your visa approval has been delayed by the embassy and this requires you to change your travel dates, you can seek special approval from ANB Insurance.

Do I need to carry a copy of my certificate of insurance with me when travelling?

No, you don’t need to carry a copy of your certificate of insurance with you. All you need to have with you is the policy no that has been provided to you by ANB Insurance.

If I require treatment for an illness during my trip, can I claim for medical/hospital and other related expenses?

Yes, Travel Guard covers emergency illness medical expenses. These can be claimed as covered illness in your policy (subject to the limits under the travel plan purchased).

Does Travel Guard cover sports and other similar activities?

Travel Guard does offer an optional coverage for Hazardous & Winter Sports but you will need to pay twice the standard premium rate.

Can I cancel my trip for any reason and get all my money back through my Trip Cancellation Benefit?

The Trip Cancellation Benefit is only applicable for specific reasons as mentioned in the policy wording section. Covered reasons include illness or death involving you, your travel companion and/or an immediate family member. Pre-existing medical conditions and injuries are not covered.

Can I buy Travel Guard if I have a Pre-Existing Medical Condition?

Yes. However, Travel Guard has exclusions on pre-existing medical conditions as detailed in the policy wording.

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions refer to illness, disease or other medical conditions that you knew about before you purchased Travel Guard.

Does my Baggage & Personal Effects Benefit cover theft?

Yes, Travel Guard covers theft (and damage due to attempted theft) as long as it occurs during your travel.

Does Travel Guard provide Domestic Travel cover?

No, Travel Guard is specifically designed for international travelers.

Claims Requirements

  • Original Invoices (all cases)
  • Medical Report (Medical and Evacuation benefit)
  • Police Report (lost passport / secure wallet)
  • Airline Letter (flight / baggage delay)
  • Death Certificate (for Personal Accident Benefit)

For further information please contact:

Toll free: 800 124 4141
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P.O. Box: 56437, Riyadh 11554
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