Makes sending and receiving money transfers easier

What is IBAN?

IBAN stands for International Bank Account Number. IBAN is not a new account number, but simply a new format for an existing bank account number that will be recognized internationally.
IBAN has been developed internationally and is implemented in the Kingdom by SAMA to improve the efficiency of local and international payments.

Who will need IBAN?

Effective 27 Jumad Al Thani 1429H corresponding to 1st July 2008 ، all individuals and companies sending or receiving local payments (SARIE transfers) and receiving international payments should use IBAN.

What does IBAN look like?

The following is an example of an IBAN for an anb account:
SA Country code for Saudi Arabia
65 Check digits for validation
30 Bank clearing code
4 000 Internal use
0108054011730013 Your account number

How can I obtain my IBAN from ANB?

Retail Customers:
You can obtain your IBAN for each and every Current, Savings or Overdraft accounts in anb through the:
Account statement, Branch, ATM, anb Phone Banking or anb net.

Corporate Customers

You can obtain your IBAN for each and every Current or Overdraft account in anb through Branch or Internet Banking (eBusiness+). The IBAN for your accounts will also be included in your bank statements.

Will IBAN replace my existing bank account number?

No, IBAN is merely a form of representing your existing account number in a recognizable format across KSA and the world. The last 14 digits of your IBAN is your anb account number.

As a customer, how will I benefit from using IBAN?

Every bank initiating a funds transfer within and outside the Kingdom will validate the IBAN of the beneficiary before the transfer. This will ensure improvement in the quality of information exchange between banks and facilitate faster and safer processing of the payment to the beneficiary.

Registering a new beneficiary

Registering new beneficiaries will follow the same process as before. However, after the cut-off date, only beneficiaries with IBAN can be registered for SARIE transfers. 

Conversion of existing (registered) beneficiaries

For your convenience SAMA has recommended all banks to initiate the process of automatically converting the account number of your registered beneficiaries into IBAN. This will be done by sending the details of the registered beneficiaries to the concerned account holding Bank who in turn will revert to anb with the equivalent IBAN.

As a precaution, you are requested to check the IBAN of your beneficiary before initiating a funds transfer.