ANB mada cardS

ANB Mada debit card is the key to your daily banking transactions and comes to you with a range of features to make banking more convenient, like flexible daily limit on POS, Atheer service, Naqd service and not to forget its highly secured Chip & PIN, for safer transactions. 

Use ANB mada debit card for purchases instead of cash, it is safer and more convenient, especially when using mada Pay and Apple Pay. 




anb mada card benefits 

Infinite card

Infinite card

Private banking program

Platinum card

Platinum card

ANB Platinum program

Gold card

Gold card

ANB Gold Program

  • Flexible POS and E-commerce daily limit (up to SR 70,000).
  • Medical and legal referral.
  • mada and Apple pay services.
  • Worldwide discounts and special promotions.
Debit card

Debit card

Classic & Silver programs

  • Flexible POS and E-commerce  daily limit (up to SR 40,000).
  • mada and Apple pay services.
  • Worldwide discounts and special promotions.






ANB mada card features



   Keep track of your transactions and manage your credit card online with ANB Net & ANB Mobile. more



  All cards are equipped with Chip&Pin for POS usage and Secure ePay for online payments (using OTP to complete payment).


  Flexible limits

  Set your desired limits depending on your needs, up to SR 200,000 depending on the card in hand.


  naqd service

  Withdraw up to SAR 400 cash from participating merchants, any time you pay for your purchases using your ANB mada debit card.


   cash withdrawal\deposit

   You can withdraw cash up to SR 50,000 from our ITMs, up to SR 5,000 from our 1,240 ATMs scattered around the kingdom or use other local/international ATMs. You can also deposit cash in our Cash Deposit Machines available at most of our branches.



  Save on your daily purchases with discounts from a wide selection of merchants, food, clothing, furniture and much more. more



   Transfer money to ANB or other Banks (local & international), pay SADAD Bills or pay ANB credit cards instantly.


  ipo subscription

   Subscribe into IPO with ANB mada debit cards using ANB ATMs or by going online. 






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You will need your Absher account, National ID and National address information during the online account opening process.



Frequently asked questions




  • Sharing the card number, PIN, expiry date, CVV or OTP may cause financial losses.
  • When card is lost/stolen, customer is fully liable for the transactions till the incident is reported to the bank.
  • Primary card holder is fully liable for all transactions done on his primary or supplementary cards.
  • Failure of customer to report suspicious fraudulent transaction to the bank, by maximum 30  days of the statement date, will lead to customer being liable for the transaction.