mada for your payments at the point of sale

Welcome to a new era of electronic payment services in the Kingdom–Introducing mada electronic payment service. This service will bring new levels of convenience for your everyday shopping. With “mada”, you can own all your personal needs while enjoying a shopping experience that is faster, safer, and more convenient than you’ve ever experienced before. All what you need is to use mada payment card instead of cash...

Get your shopping done quicker with fast, easy payment

Our lives are getting busier, so getting simple things such as shopping done effectively and efficiently is vital. With mada payment card all your purchases are completed easily and safely without being worry about having enough cash or looking for the correct cash amount. Not only this, but paying with mada will save you valuable time since you won’t have to wait for change or search for an ATM to find cash. In addition, mada gives you the ability to track all your expenditure through SMS text notifications and bank statements.

New Services

mada cards provide you with the following:

naqd Service

naqd service from mada enables you to withdraw up to SAR 400 cash from participating merchants, any time you pay for your purchases using your mada payment card. The process is simple and the cash amount, together with your purchase value, is posted back to your bank account. naqd service gives you the convenience of a cashless payment without the need to find and visit an ATM. It is fast, secure and convenient. naqd service is available at participating merchants, wherever you see the (naqd service) sign.

Atheer Service

It is a service that allows cardholders to make payments electronically by waving or tapping the card over the PoS terminal. A single atheer transaction will have a limit of SAR 100 or less. The cardholder may be occasionally asked to enter the PIN for security purposes and to reset atheer values in order to use the service again.

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Convenience and more

mada gives you ease of payment and full monitoring of your expenditure through SMS, on-line banking, regular statements and ATM mini-statements.

For more information about mada payment card service or to apply for mada payment card, please visit ANB branch.


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