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To grow your business and improve efficiency, ANB offers POS service as an easy, fast, and secure way for merchants to charge customers for goods and services using their Debit, Credit, or Prepaid cards. ANB has a considerable market share in this sector, as one of the main providers of the POS service.

Features & Benefits:

  • Free setup, installation, and maintenance fees. 
  • Installation within 48 hours*. 
  • 24/7 free customer service call center. 
  • Various terminal types (Desktop, GPRS, Bluetooth, and contactless). 
  • Daily and monthly transactions reports. 
  • Online service to monitor all transactions electronically. 
  • Automatically transfer to account, no need for cash handling. 
  • Enabling smart chip cards to reduce fraud. 
  • 3 Regional support offices across the kingdom. 

High Quality & Fast Performance

Key features of ANB POS service are limited operational errors and fast performance, which allow the execution of transactions in a short period; thereby reducing customers waiting time.

Required documents:

  • Open an ANB account. 
  • Fill ANB POS application (click here
  • Valid commercial registration. 
  • Copy of Saudi National ID. 
  • Location map (sketch). 

How to apply for POS terminal: 


Fill in ANB POS application form and submit it to your nearest branch. 
Or call 920008824
Or email us on 

For all POS claims or inquires: 
For maintenance and authorization: 

* Terms and conditions apply (click here)