1. What is ANB Mobile service?

It's a new channel that enables ANB retail customers to perform their banking transactions easily through their smart phone devices.

2. Who can use ANB mobile?

All ANB active retail customers.

3. What are the services offered by ANB Mobile?


  1. Reset Password
  2. Forgot User Name


  1. Accounts List
  2. Credit Cards List
  3. Loans List
  4. Time Deposits List


  1. List of all current and saving accounts
  2. Account mini statement (Last 5 transactions)
  3. Account full statement (Last 6 months)
  4. Account Details
  5. Stop ATM Card

Financial Position

  1. Graphical view of the total Assets and Liabilities


  1. Between customer's accounts
  2. To another ANB account
  3. To local banks
  4. To international banks
  5. To Investments houses
  6. To Enjaz Technology

Manage Beneficiaries

  1. Add new beneficiary
  2. Delete existing beneficiary
  3. Activate beneficiary
  4. View beneficiary's details
  5. Edit beneficiary's shot name

Credit card

  1. Credit card list
  2. Credit card details
  3. Credit card statement
  4. Credit card payment (full, partial , and minimum amount)
  5. Cash advance
  6. View unbilled transactions

Bill Payments

  1. View a list of all bills
  2. Pay a bill
  3. Add new bill
  4. Delete a bill
  5. Activate a bill
  6. Edit bill's short name

Display transaction limits for all financial transactions

Change Password

ATM and branch locator

  1. Locate the nearest ANB ATMs and Branches
  2. Indicate the ATM type (Cash Withdrawal / Deposit)
  3. Switch between list and map view
  4. Get on map directions to the selected ATM / Branch

Exchange Rate inquiry

  1. Buy and Sell rates for 20 currencies

Contact Us

  1. Email
  2. Direct call to ANB phone banking – numbers appear based on the customer segment


  1. Seven screens tutorial help customers to use ANB Mobile

Social Media Sharing

  1. Twitter
  2. Facebook

Marketing banners management

  1. Display up to three hyperlinked marketing banners

Push notifications

  1. Send marketing / informational messages to ANB Mobile users

Soon the below services will be available in ANB Mobile

  • Government Payments
  • IPO
  • Time deposit Details
  • Personal Finance Details

4. Is ANB Mobile a free or a paid service?

ANB Mobile is free of charge.

5. What type of device is required for ANB Mobile?

All Smart Phones and Tablets

6. What are the minimum requirements to install ANB Mobile application?

iOS version 8.0 and above / Android OS version 4.2 and above.

Also, ANB customers having any kind of smartphone or tablet device can now access our mobile banking by simply typing mobile.anb.com.sa in the internet browser of their device.

7. Is ANB Mobile secure?

Yes, ANB Mobile applies high security standards.

8. Does ANB Mobile store my financial data on the device?


9. Can I register in ANB Mobile while I am outside of Saudi Kingdom?

Yes, you can register easily from the Kingdom or abroad if you have all required banking information.

10. How can I register in ANB Mobile service?

If you are an ANB NET user you can use the same user ID and password to login to ANB Mobile or you can click on the registration button in the login screen and follow the steps.

11. What is the information needed to register in ANB Mobile?

  • Account Number (Active)
  • ID Number (valid ID )
  • Primary ATM Card Number (Active )
  • ATM PIN Number
  • Registered Mobile Number

12. How do I reset my Password?

In login screen you will find an item "Forget password and User ID" press on it and follow the steps.

13. I am an ANB NET user but I didn’t log in for more than 6 months, can I use the same user name on ANB Mobile?

Yes, but when you enter your user name and password then you will be asked to follow a simple activation process.

14. Which accounts will I be able to view through ANB Mobile?

You can view all your existing accounts (current accounts, saving accounts, credit cards, time deposits)

15. What is the transaction’s limit for transfers?

Transaction limits will be displayed while you perform any financial transaction. The limits are dynamic and will be updated based on usage.

16. Can I add a new beneficiary through ANB Mobile?

Yes, you can add:

  • ANB beneficiary
  • Local beneficiary
  • Investment House beneficiary
  • Enjaz beneficiary

Note: International beneficiaries can be added through ANB NET service.

17. How can I activate my beneficiaries?

You have to call phone banking at 8001244040 or +966112994040 to activate your beneficiaries.

18. I have added some beneficiaries / bills through ANB NET service, will I find all of them in ANB Mobile?


19. What are the currencies I can view through currency converter function?

Twenty Major World Currencies you get as follows:

AUD - Australian Dollar BHD - Bahraini Dinar GBP - British Pound CAD - Canadian Dollar
EUR - Euro INR - Indian Rupee IDR - Indonesian Rupiah JPY - Japanese Yen
KWD - Kuwaiti Dinar MAD - Moroccan Dirham OMR - Omani Rial QAR - Qatari Riyal
DKK - Danish Krone JOD - Jordanian Dinar SEK - Swedish Krona SAR - Saudi Rial
CHF - Swiss Franc USD - United States AED - Emirati Dirham YER - Yemeni Rial

20. Who can assist me to download ANB Mobile on my iPhone?

You can have a full description about the service by clicking on http://www.anb.com.sa/elect_banking.asp.

In case you require further assistance, please call Phone Banking at 8001244040 or +966112994040 or send an email to ebank@anb.com.sa

21. How can I switch between Arabic and English interface?

Language switch is available at the application home screen. “E” , “ع”.

22. Can I use ANB Token to login to ANB Mobile?

No, currently ANB Token can't be used on ANB Mobile.